Enel expands fast chargers for highway users


Utility Enel has expanded its portfolio of fast electric vehicles (EV) charging stations along the long-distance roads of Italy and Austria.

The utility has installed 130 fast EV chargers as part of the Electric Vehicles Arteries+ (EVA) project.

The 50KW fast EV chargers are compatible with all EV models on the market. They allow EV owners to fully charge in 20 minutes.

EV drivers can use the Enel X Recharge app to locate the EV drivers. The aim of the project is to allow the use of EVs for long distances.

The utility is using funds from the European Commission to deploy the fast EV chargers.

Enel is partnering with multiple car makers including Verbund, Renault, Nissan, BMW Group, Audi and Volkswagen Group Italia

One year after the launch of the EVA project, Enel has installed some 110 stations (with 220 charging points) in Italy and 20 stations (with 40 charging points) in Austria.

The project aims to install some 200 fast EV charging stations (180 in Italy and 20 in Austria) along extra-urban routes over three years.