Enel unveils smart mobility solution with ALD Automotive


Enel X has partnered with ALD Automotive to develop a smart solution to help accelerate the adoption of e-mobility in Italy.

The new JuiceMotion solution is claimed to be the most comprehensive long-term electric car rental offer on the market today.

Enel X’s advanced technologies for recharging electric vehicles will be integrated into ALD Automotive’s new rental offers throughout Italy.

Customers who choose to rent a fully electric or hybrid plug-in vehicle will have access to Enel X’s advanced charging services.

The partnership with Enel X will help ALD Automotive to expand its business in the e-mobility sector.

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The new solution is aimed at both private customers and corporate mobility.

The solution comprises a card with 1,350kWh for use at Enel X charging points and the supply of the JuiceBox domestic charging infrastructure.

Users will pay a monthly fee to top up the card and receive services including vehicle insurance, car tax, maintenance and roadside assistance.

Alessio Torelli, the head of Enel X Italia, said: “Our partnership with ALD Automotive is strategic for the spread of sustainable mobility, enabling us to enter the long-term rental sector by offering our advanced charging solutions to anyone who chooses an electric vehicle.

“Thanks to agreements like this, we give people the chance to switch to electric with total peace of mind knowing that they can count on a network of public charging points spread across Italy, along with access to a European infrastructure network created thanks to agreements on interoperability, and advanced services for recharging vehicles at home.”

Giovanni Giulitti, the general manager of ALD Automotive Italia, adds: “The latest figures released by Aniasa show that about 50% of electric cars registered in Italy in 2019 were rentals. This is specifically because, in recent years, corporate fleets have been more aware of the opportunities to save and reduce environmental impact, also thanks to the new European anti-pollution regulations and the recent national Ecobonus legislation. Increasingly, when developing their car policy, Fleet and Mobility Managers pay special attention to environmentally friendly cars.

“The products that ALD offers combine driving zero-emission vehicles with a fee that includes energy consumption and the installation of recharging infrastructure. These formulas are designed to address the needs of a broad audience, from large companies to SMEs, from professionals to private customers, designed to effectively contribute to the spread of a new model of mobility.”