Enel, Vallelunga create Italy’s first e-mobility hub and smart racing circuit


Enel X has partnered with ACI Vallelunga to create Italy’s first e-mobility Hub and Smart Racing Circuit.

Enel X will test and develop charging technologies for electric racing and regular cars on Rome’s race track.

Owing to the length of its track, the Vallelunga circuit allows electric vehicles to be charged and discharged effectively and safely, making it the ideal place for Enel X to carry out compatibility tests on cars with all the existing charging infrastructures and those being developed.

Over 20 electric car models will be tested at Vallelunga every year and the Enel X Lab will also be conducting power quality tests, maintaining network stability.

Enel X will install high-capacity chargers (up to 120 kW) inside the pits of the Vallelunga race track, which will be able to charge seven vehicles at the same time.

Vellelunga has already made available some 25 additional ev charging stations for its employees and visitors at the race track, Safe Driving Center and Congress Center, as well as the Lainate (Milan) track and Safe Driving Center.

Inside the Vallelunga Safe Driving Center, the X-Room will be created, a space devoted to Enel X electric mobility, usable as a conference room and where one can retrace the main technological improvements of the past 20 years thanks to accounts and reproductions of all of the charging infrastructures developed by the company.

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Alberto Piglia, head of e-mobility for Enel X, said: “The renewal of our partnership with Vallelunga strengthens a union which, over recent years, has enabled Enel X to become a reference point in the motorsport sector and to promote the spread of electric mobility throughout the country.

“The Vallelunga circuit is, for its long history and the expertise of the team of professionals who work there, a strategic hub for the development of charging technologies, which is why we are confident that, over the coming years, it can further boost the growth and spread of electric mobility in sporting events as well as in the everyday use of electric vehicles.”

Carlo Alessi, president of ACI Vallelunga S.p.A, adds: “First of all, we express our gratitude for entrusting us. We are also pleased to be able to continue our collaboration with Enel X and to offer our facilities for the important activity of developing motorsport and electric mobility projects.

“Thanks to the technologies which Enel X has provided to our facilities, the race track is now considered a cutting-edge facility throughout Europe for its research and development activities, for the testing, presentation and launch of electric vehicles.”