ENGIE and Scania to promote e-mobility in 13 European countries


Germany multinational energy company ENGIE has partnered with its subsidiary EVBox and automaker Scania to promote e-mobility in 13 European countries.

The three parties will develop and deliver customised e-mobility solutions to transport providers in the next four years.

The collaboration will focus on trucks and buses and will provide Scania’s clients with overall solutions to meet their e-mobility needs.

The services to be provided will include made-to-measure solutions to meet the fleet’s and depot’s actual management requirements, as well as those of electric heavy-duty vehicles. It will also cover smart charging infrastructure, service and maintenance and the provision of green energy, as well as financing.

Scania will provide electric vehicles and electric charging solutions as well as offer field services and training programmes for its drivers within the framework of its standard portfolio.

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Alexander Vlaskamp, Scania’s head of sales and marketing said: “This strong partnership with ENGIE and EVBox Group will simplify our clients’ transition over to an increasingly electrified fleet on the path towards a more sustainable transport sector”.

Shankar Krishnamoorthy, ENGIE’s executive vice president, added: “Scania and ENGIE share the same vision and ambition to drive the shift towards sustainable transport solutions. This European partnership covering electric trucks and buses has come about through mutual trust developed over the course of our long-established collaboration focusing on gas mobility. We are proud to be joining forces on this new electric truck segment, which offers promising potential regarding urban and peri-urban usage. ”

Kristof Vereenooghe, EVBox Group CEO, said: “The electrification of transit and transport is one of the key initiatives for reducing emissions especially since transport accounts for almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions. This partnership presents new opportunities for EVBox Group, and with over ten years of experience, we’re confident that our expertise and competitive solutions will support Scania in achieving its business and sustainability goals”.