EV charge points in UK national parks increase by 440%


New research from Bristol Street Motors has revealed that many UK national parks are now ready and waiting to receive an influx of EVs in the near future, with an average increase of 440% across all 15 national parks.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, holiday makers are opting to explore the natural beauty of the UK.

In June, one booking was made every 11 seconds as Brits rushed to guarantee their spot in popular staycation spots around the UK, with many opting to visit the country’s national parks.

At the same time, there has been record electric vehicle (EV) registrations on an almost monthly basis.

The biggest increase is the Pembrokeshire Coast national park which had 1 public charging point in 2015, but now boasts 19 – a 1800% increase.

The UK’s northern national parks follow Pembrokeshire closely with the biggest increase in EV charging points in the Peak district, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales. Their research also finds that the Broads & North York Moors are now the only UK national parks without anywhere for electric cars to charge up.

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The Most EV Friendly National Parks

By dividing the number of car charging points by the average number of visitors in electric vehicles per year, Bristol Street motors have also identified the most EV friendly National Parks.

Scotland leads the way, with the most chargers per car in two of their national parks, although it’s worth considering that Cairngorms also has the longest distance between public charging points, measuring 46.7 miles.

Northumberland was found to be the most accommodating national park in England, though it seems this still requires some improvement with just 1 charging point for 6 electric cars. On average, a national park in the UK has 21 public charging points and will can expect approximately 23 EVs per point.


Electric Cars Per Public Charging Point: Bristol Street Motors counted the amount of public charging points in the region using the Zap Map. They discounted home and hotel/accommodation charging points, to focus only on those accessible to the public.

Using the number of visitors per year, and assuming since some people will holiday with only their partners, and others with children, there would be around 1 car per 3 visitors, which allows them calculate the approximate number of cars visiting each year.

The percentage of electric cars registered in the UK is 1.07%, meaning they could then work out that out the total electric cars that visit each region.

The average person spends 3.51 days on holiday in a national park according to Visit Britain so this figure was multiplied by the number of cars. By dividing this number by the amount of public charging points in the region, they have worked out number of electric pars per charging point.