EV charging crypto payment app in development


Canadian battery technology developer Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies is developing an electric vehicle (EV) crypto payment app for smartphones.

The app’s primary function will be to enable users to personalise their EV power requirements around surrounding EV infrastructure, and to enable them to seamlessly pay for their charging needs using cryptocurrency.

The company believes that with the recent surge in interest in cryptocurrency, this feature should prove to be attractive to customers.

To support this development, EV Battery Tech has entered into a share exchange agreement to acquire the blockchain-based crypto app develop CryptoPlug Technologies Inc.

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EV Battery Tech and its subsidiary IoniX Pro Battery Technologies Inc. have already launched their own blockchain power management application, named Smart Command. The intention is to utilise CryptoPlug’s developing application to combine the two and reduce the development time of the Smart Command.

The integration of the CryptoPlug features into the Smart Command will optimise how and when customers source all their EV and energy storage power.

“The CryptoPlug technology will be a perfect complement to our Smart Command application and will assist in bringing a more robust application to the market sooner than previously expected,” says EV Battery Tech CEO, Bryson Goodwin.

“We plan to integrate this technology into the entire IoniX Pro product suite. By streamlining all payment systems, including cryptocurrencies, which are growing in popularity, we believe we will be revolutionising the way consumers manage and pay for their EV and energy storage system power needs.”

Smart Command monitors charging sessions, tracks power purchases and can sell power to the grid with its blockchain-based platform.

The Smart Command application has been designed to allow for seamless and personalised usage. It is intended to bring flexibility and customer control to the tracking of energy movement for accurate and reliable measurement of the costs.

The company intends to continue to build the Smart Command application and provide it to the market free of charge, with a fee-based on transactions.