First electric racing ‘plane unveiled – Air Race E racing series set for 2020


Electric air racing tournament Air Race E unveiled the first racing e-plane at the Dubai Air Show – the ‘White Lightning’ built by UK-based Condor Aviation.

The all-electric aircraft will reach top speeds in the region of 482 kilometres per hour (300 miles) and will compete in a tight 5-kilometre circuit, in racing that takes place just 10 metres above the ground.

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This high-intensity racing requires the aeroplanes’ lithium batteries be installed under the fuselage. The batteries provide sufficient power for five-minutes of full-power racing, and approximately 10 minutes of flight time at lower power for take-offs, landings and circuit flying, meaning endurance races aren’t on the menu just yet.

Air Race E boss Jeff Walkman instead describes the aeroplane and the tournament as a “testbed” to further develop electric aviation as a whole.

The Air Race Events company aims to launch the Air Race E series during 2020 with a series of international races.

For more information on the White Lightning, or the racing series, click here.