First renewable-powered public buses hit US roads


The US city of Portland, Oregon has announced that its bus fleet will be powered entirely by wind – making it the first public transport sector company in the country to do so, according to TriMet, the city’s mass transit agency.

The New Flyer Xcelsior CHARGE zero-emission bus has been in a test-phase since March of 2019, and will soon be joined by four more.

The city’s bus fleet will be powered by Portland General Electric (PGE)’s Clean Wind renewable energy programme, and TriMet plans to have entirely replaced its diesel vehicles with battery-powered electric vehicles (EV’s) by 2040. The city has five operational electric buses in service at present, thanks a $3.5 million federal grant, and PGE.

It’s expected that the new busses will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 100 to 140 tons per year. The electric buses will also feature technologies in use in electric cars, such as regenerative braking.

France has also recently announced a move to electric transport, but instead of powering their shuttles with renewables, they’ve made them autonomous. Here’s the story.