Helbiz and Enel to expand Italy’s e-scooter, e-bikes and renewables market


Italian multinational utility Enel has partnered with Italian-American intra-urban transportation company Helbiz to expand Italy’s e-scooter, e-bikes and renewable energy market.

The two companies signed an agreement aimed at accelerating the use of scooters and electric bikes in sharing through the exclusive use of renewable sources. 

Helbiz electric vehicles will be powered by certified renewable energy supplied by Enel Energia to all Italian storage and recharging warehouses in 14 Italian cities.

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The one-year partnership will also allow Enel Group employees to use Helbiz mobility services at favorable conditions and rates.

Helbiz has calculated that the reduction in environmental impact from the use of e-scooters is in the order of over 1.7 kg of CO2 per kilometer travelled compared to the use of fossil fuel vehicles.

In the first two weeks of the service’s operation in September alone, as emphasized by the US company founded by Salvatore Palella, as much as 400 tons of CO2 were saved in Italian cities.

Salvatore Palella, the CEO of Helbiz, said: “The agreement with Enel is the natural convergence between two companies that are looking to the future solely in terms of the sustainability of our cities.

“We believe that offering users a fleet of vehicles powered by Enel Energia, with electricity entirely from renewable sources, is in itself the best guarantee of efficient and responsible use of energy resources. For Helbiz, this is a commitment that translates our vision as a company in which ESG factors play a similar role to other business profitability ratings.”

Carlo Tamburi, director of Enel Italia, adds: “The increasing use of renewable energy and zero-emissions mobility are two essential elements of Enel’s commitment to the energy transition towards a more sustainable model.

“The agreement with Helbiz is a further step forward for urban micro-mobility in terms of sustainability, promoting the environment, people’s wellbeing and the quality of life in cities.”