How space data is helping electric vehicle drivers


The EV8 app uses space data to assist drivers to assess the benefits of switching to an electric vehicle (EV).

The question potential new EV drivers are asking themselves is the benefits they can expect to gain from a switch, but without necessarily any clear answers.

But now, help seems at hand with a free app, EV8 Switch, from the UK start-up EV8, which uses space data to monitor and log a user’s journeys to provide an assessment based on real-world driving patterns.

At least 14 days of driving is recommended, from which the app evaluates factors including journey lengths and driving types such as urban or rural to provide a ‘switchability’ score as well as the potential savings in costs and CO2 emissions of switching from the current vehicle.

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Other outputs include the proximity of charge points and indications of journeys that can be undertaken without a recharge en route.

In addition, suggestions are made of a range of EVs which could meet the driver’s needs based on the current vehicle.

“Opting to drive an electric car reduces emissions substantially, but many individuals are put off due to factors like electric vehicle car prices, finding charging ports or batteries running out,” says Richard Forrest, Chairman of EV8 Technologies and Senior Partner at management consultant Kearney.

“This app helps drivers make an informed decision, based on their individual driving needs, helping address concerns and misconceptions. It’s become clear electric vehicles are our future and this app will help drivers to make the switch with confidence.”

EV8 is a joint venture of Kearney, the low carbon innovation non-profit Cenex and connected solution provider Brixworth Technology.

EV8, which is available on both the Google and Apple app stores, is designed for use by both individuals and businesses with vehicle fleets.

EV8 Switch was developed with the support of £2.7 million ($3.7 million) from the UK Space Agency through the European Space Agency’s Advanced Research in Telecommunication Systems (ARTES).

The app also is supported by NatWest bank, which plans to market it to its customers.

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