India launches first all-electric rideshare service

Clean mobility firm Blu Smart has selected Ridecell Inc as the platform provider for India’s first all-electric rideshare service.

The smart mobility platform includes a driver app, cloud-based dashboard to control vehicle assignment, ride pricing and an API set that allows Blu Smart to quickly offer a fully-customised mobile application.

The platform has simplified rider payment in local currency and payment via the locally-dominant PAYTM digital wallet application.

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The app is being upgraded to include vehicle assignment based on battery charge level and charging station proximity, automated calculation and invoicing of toll road fees, and car sharing services.

The ride share service has been deployed to help India to reduce its carbon emissions.

Punit K Goyal, Co-founder of Blu Smart, said: “The Indian government declared that all new vehicles should be electric by 2030, and Blu Smart is building our infrastructure to make certain we achieve this target.

“Our launch fleet of 70 all-electric rideshare vehicles will initially serve the New Delhi market, quickly expanding to 500 vehicles and serving multiple cities in India. It was a simple process to seamlessly migrate our older software to Ridecell’s comprehensive and customizable platform. The speed and ease of migration facilitated Blu Smart’s launch of India’s very first all-electric service.”