Indian state agencies enter 10-year deal to boosts EV adoption


In India, state agency Energy Efficiency Services Limited has signed a 10-year Memorandum of Understanding with government-owned telecommunications firm Punjab Telecom Circle to install 100 electric vehicle charging stations in Punjab.

The aim is to increase the number of EV charging stations to encourage consumers to buy EVs including electric two-wheelers.

EESL will be responsible for the financing, installation, operation and maintenance of the EV charging infrastructure.

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Punjab Telecom Circle will provide the space to install the chargers and power connections for the charging infrastructure.

Shri Venkatesh Dwivedi, projects director at EESL stated: “Developing a strong supporting EV infrastructure is the key to cultivating consumer confidence in electric vehicles and would significantly enhance consumer convenience as well. EESL is leading initiatives to promote EV adoption in India under its national e-mobility programme. We are glad to partner with BSNL for synergistic action on setting up public charging infrastructure and services in Chandigarh.”

Electric vehicles are a hot topic disrupting the utility industry in India and will be a key focus at POWERGEN INDIA and Indian Utility Week conference which takes place in New Delhi next May. For more details visit or

To achieve goals to increase the number of EV chargers set under the National Electric Mobility Programme, EESL has to-date commissioned 300 AC and 170 DC chargers across India.

The state agency currently has 65 public EV charging stations operational in Delhi.

A number of MoUs have been signed between EESL and various corporations to cooperate on the development of EV infrastructure across India.

The signing followed the majority of Indian states developing and adopting EV charging standards and roadmaps.

The MoUs signed enable EESL to acquire electric vehicles and chargers at a significantly discounted rate vs. the actual market value. Further, with access to low-cost funds, it is able to discover the most competitive project costs. Using this approach, EESL has established a sustainable business model, which makes EVs affordable for the end-consumers.