James Bond to thrill audiences in an all-electric Aston Martin


He’s dashing, daring, and leaves broken hearts and bodies in his wake. The martini-sipping MI6 bad boy is hardly a poster child for the eco-friendly millennial lifestyle, but James Bond will be cracking a nod to the e-mobility transition. His next Aston will be an EV.

According to reports, 007 will be gunning the electric engines of a new Aston Martin Rapide E, no doubt replete with whatever manner of weaponry, surveillance and other gadgets Q deems fit for the mission at hand.

The Rapide E was first first teased in September 2018, and is priced at £250,000, sportin a 64kWh battery mated with two rear-mounted motors that together produce 454kW of power output and 950Nm torque.

Bond’s car will also be one of only 155 being built by the iconic carmaker.

Bond’s relationship with the marque has lasted longer than even his most ardent love affairs, starting in 1964 with the character’s DB5 sports car in “Goldfinger”.

The movie set for release in April 2020, and Remi Malek, who recently woin an Oscar for Best Actor is slated to play the head villain.

Bond has always kept up with what is fashionable, and these days that doesn’t just mean quitting smoking – he’s getting his car to give up puffing too. Transitioning to zero emissions is just part of that – the plot of the new movie is said to include nods to the #MeToo movement, and even hint at the characters final demise.