Major companies significantly grow EV deployment in last year


Members of the EV100 initiative have more than doubled their electric vehicles (EVs) deployments over the past year.

Together the companies have deployed over 169,000 EVs, up from 80,000 in the previous year. Over half of the member companies, which now number 101, reported either having continued on the same trajectory or sped up their progress towards meeting their commitments.

The companies also have installed charging at 2,100 sites at their offices, factories or stores, which is an over 80% increase on the previous year.

The EV100 Progress Report finds that leasing companies are at the forefront of EV deployment in their customer fleets, making up a major part of the EVs deployed across the wider membership.

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By working closely with clients, including other EV100 members, leasing companies are playing a key role in accelerating the switch to EVs.

Notably one of the largest fleet additions was by EDF, which is an EV100 member and added 840 EVs since the last progress report.

“Despite a year of turmoil and uncertainty, the EV transition has been growing at speed,” said Helen Clarkson, CEO of the Climate Group in the report foreword.

“With companies making and acting on ambitious commitments and with technology making headway, it is finally time to say the EV revolution is here.”

The report finds the top drivers for EV deployment to be reducing greenhouse gas emissions, tackling air pollution and reputational benefits.

Conversely the top barriers remain, as they have in the past, lack of charging infrastructure, lack of correct vehicle types and the capital cost of EVs.

The EV member companies have made commitments for over 4.8 million EVs and 6,500 charging sites and are targeting a reduction of 75Mt of carbon emissions.

The EV100 initiative is working on various activities to advance EVs. In the UK the UK Electric Fleets Coalition was launched in 2020 in partnership with BT Group bringing together nearly 30 companies calling for the UK Government to set a target of 100% EV sales by 2030.

Other activities are under way in Europe, the US and India.

EV100 is an initiative of the Climate Group, an international non-profit driving action on the climate.