Make mine a pint and a recharge please


Whilst you’re not likely to be served your favourite tipple at the local petrol station, your chances of charging your car whilst having a pint will look a lot better at any one of over 4400 pubs around the UK.

Let’s be clear – Smart Energy International does not endorse drinking and driving, but EV charging company ChargePoint Services has secured a contract with Ei Group, and they intend offering the technology at the group’s 4,400 pubs around the UK. The plan is that the venues will gradually become part of the ChargePoint’s GeniePoint network.

The project will roll-out over two phases.

In phase one, ChargePoint Services will install ten charging stations at Ei Group’s Pub support centre, which will provide charging facilities for the company’s drivers. Phase two will entail the installation of rapid chargers at selected pub locations, ultimately rolling out the consumer-facing facility to more locations.  

Then again, if you’d prefer to skip the pub, but not sure where to charge your EV? Google Maps will come to your rescue. Here’s the story.