Massachusetts’ first all e-bus operator installs wireless chargers


Massachusetts-based bus transport operator Vineyard Transit Authority has selected Momentum Dynamics for the provision and installation of wireless charging systems.

The project supports VTA’s plan to convert all diesel buses to battery electric, the first transit agency in the state to do so.

Three 200KW wireless chargers will be installed at the Church Street Visitors Center in Edgartown.

In addition, 250-500KWh battery storage systems will be installed to allow VTA’s Maintenance and Operations Center to operate as a micro-grid optimised in charging electric vehicles.

Smart charging capabilities will provide VTA with the tools to manage utility load during charging events.

The wireless charging system will be installed in VTA’s first ten electric buses.

The system will allow the buses to charge multiple times during scheduled stops, within as little as five minutes a bus receiving enough energy to fuel a complete circulation loop.

VTA will become the third bus operator in North America to adopt the technology.

Momentum’s CEO Andrew Daga. “The main impediment to the adoption of electric buses is their limited driving range and this is the solution to that problem.”