MG launches its first UK-aimed EV


Legendary motoring marque MG has unveiled its first electric vehicle (EV), the ZS EV, to the UK public at the 2019 London motor show.

MG bosses claim they have already received 800 “expressions of interest” for the vehicle, the most the brand has ever had.

The vehicle, tipped to compete with counterparts like the Kia Soul EV, was first unveiled in China in 2018, and will be sold alongside conventionally-fuelled ZS models.

Further specifications have been scant, but the UK version is expected to use the same 148bhp as the model sold in China. The car’s lithium-ion battery will reportedly have a range of 268 miles, and can be fast-charged to 80% in approximately 30 minutes.

In real terms, the actual range is expected to be lower, just as the Nissan Leaf real-capacity is 28.5% lower than its claimed range, meaning the ZS EV would be god for 192 miles per charge.

 “We’re delighted to be entering the electric car market at such an exciting time,” said Daniel Gregorious, MG’s head of sales and marketing. “With MG’s trademark value-for-money approach, we’re confident that we can help more and more new car buyers to go electric.”

UK sales will form part of the brand’s strategy to transition to SUVs.

China currently represents the world’s largest EV-market, and ranges in excess of 250 miles per charge are the norm.