Millions of UK consumers could miss out on EV benefits


A new report by UK non-profit think-tank Localis suggests a major revision regarding the deployment of EV infrastructure, after finding that millions of UK consumers will likely miss out on the environmental and financial benefits of the new technology.

The report, commissioned by Scottish Power, saw Localis engage with local authorities and business groups, and concluded that a poorly executed roll-out would only serve to worsen social divides in the country.

The report suggests the limiting of local regulator Ofgem’s power to cities, thus allowing local authorities to develop their own smart-city strategies and energy policies.

The report further suggested that these groups form local consortiums and collaborate with private energy providers to deliver the infrastructure they need for the future. The organisations also suggest that the current restrictions on investment be lifted to ensure that the target of all new cars sold are zero-emission by 2040 is met.

Jonathan Werran, CEO of Localis, said: “Without a change in regulation, behaviour and a wholesale transfer of powers for local energy policies, we risk a tale of two cities in our major urban centres – deepening levels of inequality between the prosperous and more deprived parts of town.”

Keith Anderson, CEO of ScottishPower, said: “This Localis report makes innovative recommendations to accelerate the roll-out of EVs that should be considered further, including investing ahead of demand and devolving some of Ofgem’s powers to cities.

“At ScottishPower we want to play our part to help electrify transport and realise the benefits quicker of cleaner air and lower carbon emissions. We look forward to working with the government and regulators to ensure the investment needed is delivered and that overall costs are minimised so that everybody has access to the health benefits of technologies such as EVs, not just those who can afford it today.”