More than half of Brits would buy an EV “at the right price” – survey


A new survey by internet-based market research company Yougov has shown that more than half (57%) of Brits would consider purchasing an electric vehicle (EV), provided it was “at the right price”.

The report was commissioned by insurance provider Aviva.

Interestingly, the number of respondents aged 18 to 24 who would consider buying an EV, possibly as their first vehicle purchase, is higher, at 73%.

Whilst 81% expressed age-old, and much-debunked concerns regarding range and battery charge, the majority of those surveyed cited reasons ranging from environmental concerns (84%) and fuel-savings (69%) as being the reasons for buying an EV, and 54% also put their interest down to anticipating future trends as the country transitions to low-carbon transport.

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There were however some noteworthy concerns such as access to charging facilities (74%), and charging time requirements (66%) whilst 64% are concerned about purchase pricing.

Overall, scots were the most-concerned (83%) with access to charging facilities, whilst 66% of Londoners expressed the same concern.

The survey also looked for public perception on the topic of driverless cars, and younger participants were the most enthusiastic, with 33% of participants noting that the technology “will make life easier” by freeing up time for other things, however, those over 55 seem to disagree, with the technology getting a nod from just 9% of those surveyed.

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Women, it appears are also less-trusting of driverless technology, with just 17% saying they’d travel using the technology, whereas men are twice as likely (36%) to put their faith into the AI that will pilot vehicles in future.