Mugen reveals 2019 Isle of Man electric motorbike


The latest generation of the Mugen Shinden e-bike was unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. “Hachi” is Japanese for the number 8, as this is the eighth iteration of the bike which has dominated the Isle of Man TT Zero category.

The bike will be piloted by 23-time TT winner John McGuiness in his second year in the electric class of the event, and Michael Rutter, who set a record time in 2018, and has six TT wins to his name.

According to the team, the Shinden e-bike features “increased power output” and better aerodynamics, although the motor has remained the same, although its speculated that the battery has been updated.

The total weight of 248kgs is driven by a three-phase, oil-cooled electric motor, powered by a 370 volt lithium-ion battery, the e-bike produces 120 kW (around 160 bhp), and 210 Nm of torque.

With upgraded fairings for improved aerodynamics, the team are hoping the bike, and their riders break records again in 2019.