New analysis on Chinese EV market through 2029 released


IDTechEx has release a new report analysing the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in China over the next decade.

According to the study:

  1. China continues to be the world’s largest EV market and an increasingly formidable exporter, innovator and acquirer.
  2. The penetration of electric buses is more impressive than electric cars despite the country making two or more diesel buses for every one electric bus
  3. China has 400,000 large pure electric buses and that is 99% of the number in the world
  4. There has never been support to electrify one million polluting old school buses in China
  5. With EV batteries becoming smaller soon due faster charging and other innovations, some Chinese gigafactories may become stranded assets.
  6. China is catching up in robot shuttles and software-controlled fleets and updates. It needs to do better in power electronic, high energy density supercapacitors, structural electronics and other identified aspects

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