New Enel, Volvo partnership to accelerate e-mobility in Italy


Enel X and Volvo Car Italia have partnered to accelerate the development of e-mobility in Italy.

The two have integrated charging solutions for customers driving Volvo plug-in hybrid and full electric models.

Volvo and Enel X have new solutions which meet consumer demands at various stages including from purchasing the EV and the domestic charging station, to the installation of the station at home.

The solutions include:

  • The JuicePack Home package comprising JuiceBox, a domestic charging station developed by Enel X, which is available with three different capacities: 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, and 22 kW.
  • The JuicePack Street package – For customers who mainly charge their vehicles in the urban environment. The solution includes a 500 kWh bonus for charging at Enel X’s public charging points using the Enel X JuicePass app. 
  • The new JuicePack Full combines domestic and public charging solutions into a single package for a complete charging experience.

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Volvo EV drivers who will purchase the new packages will also have access to additional services such as Juice Home Check, a survey carried out by specialist technicians who verify the suitability of the electricity system and energy supply and make any necessary adaptations.

Using Enel X’s JuicePass app, customers will be able to remotely monitor the charging status of their vehicle in the public and domestic environment.

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Alessio Torelli, manager of Enel X Italy, said: “The partnership with Volvo enables us to offer access to the innovative charging solutions developed by Enel X in both the domestic and urban environment to those who wish to make the transition to electric mobility.

“Thanks to agreements with the leading players in the auto industry and our constant commitment to creating a resilient and widespread public charging network, we are convinced we can quickly contribute to the definitive transition to e-mobility throughout Italy.”