New Siemens partnership to help communities prepare for EV growth

Siemens has partnered with data analytics firm StreetLight Data to help electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure deployment in a bid to prepare for the growth of the clean transportation sector.

Siemens, through its Digital Lab and Energy Business Advisory and StreetLight Data will integrate their data and industry expertise to come up with a new solution to help communities simplify the rollout of EV infrastructure.

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Siemens is providing its Energy and EV infrastructure consultancy and analytic capabilities, while StreetLight provides its mobility Big Data resources and technology for Big Data integration with other data sources.

StreetLight uses Big Data derived multi-mode analytics that provides exhaustive insights into the sources of nationwide and local traffic flows for virtually any time period.

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The insights support a variety of EV infrastructure planning components from site selection at the macro and micro level, by scanning a city or analyzing individual locations – to analysing activity centres for chargers to maximize public exposure and adoption.

Siemens will use Streetlight’s data to quantify the impact of EVs on the electric grid for more accurate infrastructure deployment planning.