New York combats range anxiety with EV plan


New York’s Public Service Commission has authorised $31.6 million to utilities for the deployment of 1075 electric vehicle (EV) fast charging points across the state.

The move aims to boost sales of EV’s by reducing range anxiety through the strategic deployment of charging points at key locations.

Installers’ costs will be recovered from ratepayers over a seven year period.

The move is part of that state’s governor, Andrew M. Cuomo’s plan of installing 10,000 EV charging points by the end of 2021, with a further target of 800,000 electric vehicles on state roads by 2025. His office also recently announced $7.5 million in funding for the state’s smart street lighting programme.

“More and more New Yorkers are seeking out cleaner and greener means of transportation, and we must ensure there is necessary infrastructure in place across the state so drivers can travel any distance without fear of losing power,” Governor Cuomo said.

“These public-private partnerships will spur the development of this growing industry, create new jobs, and advance our aggressive efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

The state has estimated that 2018 sales of EV’s increased by 50% over 2017’s figures, seeing about 43,000 electric vehicles on New York roads by October of that year.

Approximately two-thirds of these were plug-in hybrid vehicles, and the remaining third were battery electric powered.

Funds will be allocated to New York’s six regulated utilities, Con Ed, Orange and Rockland Utilities, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Niagara Mohawk Power, New York State Electric and Gas and Rochester Gas & Electric.

Commissioner Gregg C. Sayre said: “EVs, as is well known, have a chicken-and-egg problem. “Chargers aren’t being built because there aren’t enough EVs and EVs aren’t being bought because there aren’t enough chargers. This item helps us get out of that cycle.”