Next gen axle drive for next generation of electric vehicles


emobility drive developer Vitesco Technology has unveiled its new EMR4 electric vehicle powertrain platform.

The high voltage axle drive is an integrated electric drive system comprised of a permanent magnet synchronous e-motor, an inverter and a reducer.

The new generation EMR4 builds on the earlier EMR3 to provide an integrated, modularised scalable platform covering a power range from 80kW to 230kW with a weight saving of 25% at the same power level.

Stated advantages include enabling vehicle manufacturers to offer different power levels of the drive in one model without having to touch interfaces or mounting points and improved efficiency of up to 5% of the whole axle drive.

All of these in turn should add up to support both improved cost efficiencies in production and thus the ongoing downward pressure on final vehicle prices and improved vehicle performance and range.

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“Electromobility is picking up speed. The key to supporting this megatrend lies in high efficiency and reliability as well as affordability for high performing electric drive systems,” says Thomas Stierle, Executive Vice President Electrification Technology business unit at Vitesco Technologies.

“We have anticipated this with the EMR4 design. This new axle drive platform offers a combination of benefits which will meet and exceed the requirements of vehicle manufacturers around the world.”

With the all-in-one design of the axle drive, the integration efforts for vehicle manufacturers are reduced, opening the way for its use in high volume market EVs.

Vitesco Technologies, formerly part of Continental as its powertrain division has been advancing electric powertrains since as far back as 2007 with its developments for the first generation of the Renault Zoe.

The EMR3 axle drive has been selected for over 20 vehicle models, according to Vitesco Technologies. Users include Hyundai, the PSA Group, which includes Peugeot, Citroen and Opel among other brands, and China’s Dongfeng Passenger Car Corporation.

The EMR4 will be manufactured in China as the world’s fastest growing EV market, among other production locations.