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News and analysis on the latest trends and products in electric vehicle technology, charging, e-mobility and related technologies and innovations such as battery storage, hydrogen power and fuel cells. EV technology is part of the Fourth Industrial revolution. Find out more about Electric Cars, hybrid cars, charging stations for EVs as well as electric vehicle policy and regulation.

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World Congress highlights industries’ transformative technologies

ABI Research has issued a new whitepaper analysing transformative technologies in a wide range of industries. The whitepaper looks at technologies including 5G and mobile...

Exelon brings consumer EV test drive at highest ranked US auto...

US utility Exelon and its subsidiary EZ-EV are sponsoring an electric vehicle test drive programme during the Washington Auto Show (April 5 to April 14).

Hyundai Group to have 14 EV models by 2025

The Hyundai Group, bolstered by demand for it e-Niro and Kona EVs, are pushing forward with the development of a new EV platform that will facilitate a wider range of electric vehicles (EVs) by its Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands.
Virtual Power Plant UK

ARENA funds national rollout of VPP solution

Australia’s green bank, ARENA, has granted energy management software firm Greensync and the country’s national grid operator AU$12.5 million to develop virtual power plant projects, which can help balance the country’s grid as more renewables come on stream.

Burning BMW i8 quits smoking, goes for a swim instead

In recent news, a fire brigade in the Netherlands found themselves unable to extinguish a BMW i8’s battery pack after the vehicle had started “smoking” on a local showroom floor.
Ford EV

Ford announces new EV for US market

Ford has announced a new SUV electric vehicle (EV) for the US market, and share prices responded positively at the news.
Ford EV

PG&E appoints new CEO

PG&E announced that recently retired Tennessee Valley Authority CEO William “Bill” Johnson will replace John Simon as CEO and president.

New report reveals 12 leading DER technology markets

The global capacity deployments of distributed energy resources are outpacing the installation of new centralised energy generation capacity.
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Electric buses: University of Georgia owns one of the largest fleets...

The University of Georgia is using a $10 million grant secured from the State Road and Tollway Authority to chase its sustainability and carbon emissions reduction plans.

Mugen reveals 2019 Isle of Man electric motorbike

The latest generation of the Mugen Shinden e-bike was unveiled at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. This is the eighth iteration of the bike which has dominated the Isle of Man TT Zero category.

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