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News and analysis on the latest trends and products with regards to electric vehicles, charging technology, e-mobility and related technologies and innovations such as battery storage, hydrogen power and fuel cells. EV technology is part of the Fourth Industrial revolution. Find out more about Electric Cars, hybrid cars, charging stations for EVs as well as electric vehicle policy and regulation.

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EVs as affordable as conventional vehicles in five years time

The cost of ownership for electric vehicles (EVs) could match petrol and diesel cars within the next five years, according to new research conducted...
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Engie joins $2 billion ten-year zero emissions initiative

Electrify America has partnered with utility Engie in its efforts to advance the adoption of zero emissions vehicles.
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New whitepaper provides smart city roadmap for utilities

A new whitepaper has been published to help global cities and utilities simplify implementation of smart city programmes.
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Lithium-ion battery market to exceed $60 billion by 2024

The size of the global lithium-ion battery market will exceed $60 billion by 2024, according to a study by Global Market Insights.
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Enel enhances European operations with 1 billion Euro green bond

Enel Group has unveiled a one billion new green bond in Europe.
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Global smart cities market expects opportunity surge

The global smart cities market is expected to increase revenue generation by 18.4% between 2018 and 2023
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Indian company develops water-fuelled battery

The battery uses water as fuel and requires “refilling” every 100 kilometers, thanks to its use of graphene.

The IoT platform dilemma

At the end of 2015, Gartner predicted that “Through 2018, 80% of IoT implementations will squander transformational opportunities by focusing on narrow...
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Millions of UK consumers could miss out on EV benefits

Millions of UK consumers will likely miss out on the environmental and financial benefits of the new technology, says Localis.
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Singapore unveils 30 minutes full EV charging points

EV users can now fully charge their vehicles in 30 minutes at SP Group’s island-wide charging network,

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