Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg to electrify all US cars by 2035


US Democrat presidential hopeful and media mogul Michael Bloomberg has promised to ensure that all new cars sold in the country would be electric by 2035 should he win the next election.

With plans to halve nationwide carbon emissions by 2030, Bloomberg intends introducing a wave of green measures in transportation, including the democratisation of electric vehicles – ensuring affordability for families across income levels, and a nationwide network of charging facilities along with the country’s highway network.

These measures will be accompanied by the reinstatement of federal fuel consumption and pollution standards for both passenger and commercial vehicles – standards which were rolled back under current president Donald Trump.

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Mr Bloomberg also intends for 15% of all commercial vehicles to be electric by 2030 and electric trucks, buses and high-speed trains will help slash emissions. Personal transportation will be made more affordable through tax credits and rebates when low-income families trade in older cars.

Mr Bloomberg said: “Vehicles haven’t always been the biggest carbon polluters in America — coal used to hold that title. But in the last decade, we’ve closed hundreds of coal plants and moved to cleaner, renewable sources of energy. And I know we can transition to clean, pollution-free vehicles, too.

“My plan will ensure that electric vehicles and charging infrastructure are affordable and accessible to all Americans. I’ll roll back President Trump’s efforts to weaken emissions standards, create more clean energy jobs, and drive us toward a healthier, carbon-free future.”

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