New affordable EV brand to hit international streets soon, says Korean automaker


A recently-launched car brand, NeuWai, by Korean automaker Songuo Motors is planning a full range of ­new generation, affordable electric vehicles (EVs), including cars, motorcycles, 1-ton trucks, and even a light-commercial vehicle.

The brand says its range will be made up of “fun-to-drive vehicles” that “make people happy”. 

Songuo and NeuWai have committed to sharing more details closer to production, but promises prices will be “very competitive”. 

The company launched the brand at the 2019 Seoul Motor show, and Songuo has announced distribution agreements with 30 countries.

Songuo plans for parts to be manufactured at a mega-factory in Dezhou, China, therafter components will be sent to a destination country for final assembly.

Each assembly plant is also built on a cost-saving model, and are expected to cost less than $30 million each to build.

According to Songuo, the primary factory in China is “almost complete”, and plans to have the entire range in production within 18 months.

According to the automaker, a major innovation is the marque’s use of moulded composite body panels, which are made pre-coloured, saving on painting and related costs.

Its passenger vehicles, badged the “S-range” will be available in a two and four-door models, with a Q-Series SUV planned to reach a top speed of 120 kilometers per hour, whilst its light commercial offering promises a top-speed of 80 km//h, with an estimated range of 60 kilometres.

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