Spanish winemaker commits to e-mobility with Iberdrola


Spanish winemaker Bodegas Familiares Matarromera has partnered with Iberdrola to combat climate change through sustainable mobility practices.

Iberdrola will help Matarromera to develop electric vehicle charging infrastructure on its sites in Valladolid, La Rioja and Ourense.

The 16 EV chargers will supply 100% green energy at the winemaker’s wineries in Matarromera and Emina.

The EV chargers will be available to the public during business hours.

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The charging points will be available on the Iberdrola Public Charging App, the only one in Spain with verified information about all Iberdrola’s Public Charging points, and those belonging to other operators.

The app enables drivers to locate charging stations, check the operational status in real-time, book a charging point and pay with a mobile phone.

The development is part of sustainability project “Sustainable Matarromera on Planet Earth”, which includes a set of priority measures such as reducing energy dependency and emissions, ecological production and environmental R&D+i projects.

Iberdrola has plans to install 150,000 electric chargers in homes, companies and on the public road network over the next five years by making an additional investment of €150 million ($173,4 million).

Operations manager at Bodegas Familiares Matarromera, Alberto Guadarrama, said: “sustainability has been a hallmark of the company since the start, promoted by founder Carlos Moro. All the wineries are sustainable buildings designed with natural light, optimal insulation and use of rain and residual water for watering the vines. In fact, it was the first Spanish company with AENOR certification to measure its carbon footprint, in other words, the environmental impact of producing its wines.”