Survey shows results of New Zealand EV trial


A targeted survey of electric vehicle owners in the greater Auckland area was carried out in August 2018 to assess the effectiveness of the 12 month trial of electric vehicles using 11 priority lanes on Auckland’s motorways.

The survey was to assess if the EV trial was successful in achieving its objective of encouraging electric vehicle ownership.

Interviews were completed with 232 electric vehicle owners, and respondents were polled on the following:

  • The factors that influenced their decision to purchase an electric vehicle
  • Their use and reliance on the priority lanes for their transport plans
  • Their ideas on factors that would further encourage the uptake of electric vehicle ownership

Of the 232 electric vehicle owners interviewed, 47% (or 109 customers) had purchased their vehicle since the commencement of the trial. Of these customers:

  • One customer (0.67%) reported that access to priority lanes was an essential factor in the purchase decision
  • 10% reported it was one of the factors considered
  • 89% reported this didn’t factor at all or wasn’t considered important.

All interviewees reported the key factors influencing their purchase decision were:

  • Concerns for the environment
  • The increasing price of fuel
  • Intrigue, ‘toy’ factor or prestige of the electric vehicle technology.

While 27% of interviewees reported they are routinely using the priority lanes as part of their weekly travel plans, access to these lanes was largely seen as a bonus and not a motivating factor for buying an electric vehicle.

On this basis, the results indicate that the trial has not been effective.

Click here for survey results.