TEPCO becomes the first Japanese utility to join EV100 and EV30@30 campaigns


Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has become the first Japanese energy company to join the Global EV100 and EV30@30 campaigns.

Led by non-profit organisation The Climate Group, the EV100 campaign aims to help members to convert 100% of own commercial vehicles to electric models by 2030.

Founded by Clean Energy Ministerial, the EV30@30 initiative fosters the development and implementation of policies and programmes to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies and the sales of EVs to 30% of the world’s total vehicles purchased by 2030.

This means TEPCO will have to convert 4,400 of its commercial vehicles to electric models by 2030, excluding special construction and emergency vehicles.

The utility will also install the charging infrastructure required.

To date, TEPCO has over 400 electric vehicles and maintains detailed records of the daily distances driven by each one, as well as their recharging performance and maintenance history.

The energy provider will share its knowledge acquired through the operation of EVs with members of the campaigns to promote the standardization of component specifications, joint procurement and similar initiatives.

TEPCO plans to expand the development of its charging infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of Vehicle to Everything technologies to make cities more resilient to disasters.

 “Many of TEPCO’s predecessor companies were involved in the early development of electric vehicle technology. In 1908, Tokyo Lighting Company Inc. became the first company in Japan to procure and test an electric vehicle. To this day, TEPCO continues to work with automobile manufacturers and research institutions to further the adoption of electric vehicles. In addition, the company is actively promoting the international adoption of the CHAdeMO standard for fast charging as well as the emerging V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) technology.

“We already are operating 400 electric company vehicles and have installed recharging facilities at almost all of our locations. Going forward, we have decided to convert virtually all of our car fleet by 2030 and will contribute to the Global EV100 initiative and EV30@30 campaign.

“We aim to address environmental needs on a global scale and to help create a sustainable society by accelerating our efforts to promote the deployment of electric vehicles in a number of different fields.”