Countries leading the transition to Electric vehicles


According to a recent post by the World Economic Forum, Norway continues to lead the charge to electric vehicles, where almost half of all vehicle sales were electric or hybrid-powered in 2018.

The Scandic country is leagues ahead of other nations – whilst neighbouring Iceland came in second with 19% of all vehicles sold being zero-emissions, and Sweden came in at 8%

Image credit: Statista

Electric cars are proving to be a massive hit in Norway. Almost half of all new passenger car sales in 2018 were electric or hybrid vehicles, according to the latest numbers.

This figure far outstrips other countries around the world. Neighbouring Iceland came in second at 19%, while Sweden was third with 8%.

With a population of just 5.3 million, Norway likely has more EV’s per capita than any other country, but China sold more than ten times more EV’s than the Nordic nation, selling over 1,053,000 EV’s to Norway’s 73,000, and powers like these hold the greatest potential to drive the e-mobility transition.