Toyota and Suzuki partner in race to electrification


Japanese automakers Toyota and Suzuki have announced their intention to intensify collaboration in electric vehicle (EV) development and other areas.

Suzuki will benefit from Toyota’s electrification technologies, whilst Toyota will benefit from Suzuki’s success in building compact vehicles.

Both marques intend speeding up productions and adoption of low-emissions vehicles, and have stressed that they will continue in a spirit of ongoing fair and free competition.

Suzuki will supply two compact vehicles for rebadging as Toyota in the US, whilst Toyota will share hybrid technonolgies, and provide Suzuki with the electrified RAV4 and Corolla Wagon vehicles for the European market.

Suzuki will also supply Toyota with two compact vehicles for rebadging and release in the Indian market, and a further four models will be rebadged to Suzuki for sale in Africa.

The two companies will also develop a people carrier for the Indian market that both marques will market under their respective brands.

Toyota President Akio Toyoda said: “When it comes to vehicle electrification, which is expected to make further inroads, hybrid technologies are seen as playing a huge role in many markets, as from before.

“Widespread acceptance is necessary for EVs to be able to contribute to Earth’s environment. Through our new agreement, we look forward to the wider use of hybrid technologies, not only in India and Europe but around the world.”