UK energy supplier offers free EV charging


UK energy supplier Igloo Energy has partnered with local vehicle-to-grid software developer to provide customers with free electric vehicle (EV) charging.’s solution captures off-peak rates, and optimises charging periods relative to grid demand.

Igloo Energy is offering all customers on its single tariff up to 1,200 miles worth of charging time via its Smart EV app.

Drivers can plug in their vehicles, and set a deadline by which the vehicle needs to be charged, for instance, by the end of the working day, allowing for a more balanced load on the local grid.

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The company then ensures that the  cleanest mix of energy sources possible is used to charge the vehicle, a move which has the potential, if widely-adopted to reduce the UK’s overall carbon emissions from electricity generation by as much as an additional fifth.

Nick Woolley, CEO and Co-Founder of, said: “For a typical user driving 8,000 miles a year, we can reduce the carbon emissions of charging their electric vehicle by 20%.

“Over a year this equates to 150 kilogrammes of carbon dioxide or a flight from London to Berlin”