UK slowest in Europe – at EV charging speeds


UK research and consulting company Delta-ee says the country is lagging behind the rest of Europe, because electric vehicle (EV) charging speeds are slower than those on the continent.

The company surveyed 508 respondents, of which 403 owned fully-electric cars and 105 owned plug-in hybrids.

The results shows that domestic UK EV charging speeds are significantly slower than countries such as Norway, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

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Whilst EV drivers in Germany have home charging rates of 22kW or higher, only one in five UK EV drivers can say the same, and according to the study, it because most of the UK residential energy supply is single phase.

The study also show that the UK has the highest proportion (73%) of drivers using dedicated EV charging points,  whilst only half of German respondents use the infrastructure.

Home charging also sees the UK fall behind – with only 1.98% of EV drivers able to charge at home, compared to an average of 4.72% in the other countries studied.

Alexander Lewis-Jones, EVs and Electricity Product Manager at Delta-ee, said: “Residential electricity supply on the continent lends itself much better to high-power uses such as fast home EV charging than in the UK. Our reliance on single-phase supply could hold us back in the future.

“Twelve-hour overnight charges are one thing but as the EV transition gathers pace and battery sizes grow – and we potentially pivot to electrified heating too – this may become a cause for regret.”