US cooperative first to offer free home EV charging


US electric cooperative Cobb EMC has launched the Niteflex initiative to provide consumers free overnight home charging for electric vehicles.

The aim is to reduce consumer costs for owning an EV to increase the adoption of electric cars in northwest metro Atlanta, a city long known for heavy commuter traffic.

Cobb EMC’s NiteFlex initiative will offer consumers up to 400 kWh a month at no cost from midnight to 6 a.m.

Peter Heintzelman, CEO of Cobb EMC, said: “We’re proud to be the first in the nation to offer consumers free overnight home charging for electric vehicles.

“We’ve invested significant resources into market research to better align our rates with the lifestyle our consumers want and the affordable and flexible commutes they need, all at a price that makes sense for everybody.”

“EVs have gone mainstream – more than 100 plug-in models will be on the market by 2020.

“We’ll continue to see more on roadways now that huge leaps in battery technology have made range anxiety and affordability non-issues. Locally, we’ll continue the momentum by installing charging stations on our corporate campus, replacing retired fleet vehicles with EVs, offering mobile car shows and test drives for our consumers and helping facilitate workplace and public charging.”

The demand response initiative will also help accelerate consumer adoption of smart appliances. The programme will ensure grid reliability and help customers save money by shifting heavy energy use during times when demand and tariffs are high to off peak periods.

FutureSource Consulting predicts the smart appliances market will grow by 36% by 2023.

Cobb EMC serves 200,000 residential and commercial electric customers.

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