V2G market growth – What you need to know


V2G technology offers flexibility and resilience to local grids as a means of storing power and utilising it for backup power at office and homes during outages, or as a means of balancing the grid.

However, although this technology is still very much at the bottom of the adoption curve, it is likely to experience slow but continued growth over the next few years. Particularly as environmental demand for cleaner technologies grows – along with anticipated growth and adoption of electric vehicles.

The high power storage capacity batteries of electric vehicles act as a power storage facility reducing the need for traditional non-renewable sources of energy such as petroleum and thermal power.

However, the promise of V2G is not without its challenges, particularly the extremely high levels of coordination needed across the network.

In North America, Japan and Europe especially, V2G is predicted to grow. In the North American market, V2G technology is likely to be widely adopted as the penetration of EV’s and PEV’s in the region are high. The Western European and Japanese markets for V2G follow that of North America, where the initial implementation of the technology has shown effective results.

According to the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development, the increasing penetration of EV’s and PEV’s in China will provide opportunities for the vehicle to grid models in the region.


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