VW launches budget-friendly EV that promises “no more accidents”


German automaker Volkswagen has launched its much-awaited ID.3 electric vehicle (EV), which it claims can use software to “anticipate, avoid accidents and keep learning new reflexes” all at a price-point comparable to a similar class internal combustion-powered vehicle.

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The new EV is expected to retail in Germany for as little as €23,430 ($26,154), and thanks to alleviated costs around road tax, green tax cuts and incentives, and the classification of the vehicle into a lower insurance class, the total cost of ownership and energy costs are expected to be highly attractive when compared to an internal combustion (ICE) vehicle.

The company has also introduced “greener” manufacturing practices to drive down carbon emissions at it’s Zwickau production plant, which uses renewable energy, and a statement has promised a carbon-neutral vehicle in the upcoming ID.4, due for future release.

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VW is also investing in climate protection projects such as the Katingan Metaya Forest Protection Project.

Michael Jost, Volkswagen’s strategy chief, said: “We want to have no more accidents by 2050. The new software will be continually updated as software algorithms improve.”

Thomas Ulbrich, member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen, said: “With the ID.3, the electric car will finally become affordable. This model is entirely fit for everyday use and even costs less than an internal combustion model thanks to the environmental bonus.”

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