VW plans 36,000 EV charging points in Europe


The Volkswagen Group has announced a major expansion of its electric car charging infrastructure in Europe, with plans to install 36,000 electric car (EV) charging points on the continent by 2025.

In recent years the automaker has participated in the rollout of some charging networks, one of which was Ionity, but the company now plans to invest in its own direct participation in charging infrastructure.

The company made the following announcement:

“Volkswagen is aiming for a rapid breakthrough for e-mobility and is redoubling its efforts in the field of charging infrastructure. Throughout Europe, the Group will be installing a total of 36,000 charging points by 2025; 11,000 of these are to be developed by the Volkswagen brand. They will be installed at Volkswagen plants and at about 3,000 Volkswagen dealerships in all large towns and cities. With its Group company for charging infrastructure Elli (Electric Life) and its charging service “We Charge”, Volkswagen is also moving into further lucrative business areas connected with charging. All in all, the Group is investing about €250 million at its European locations. At the same time, the Group calls for other measures to take effect rapidly for more charging stations in Germany.”

Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand responsible for E-Mobility, said:

“Charging infrastructure will increasingly become the crucial factor for the rapid breakthrough of e-mobility in Germany. Charging an electric car must become just as easy and normal as charging a smart phone. This is why we need significantly more charging stations in public spaces and simple rules for the installation of private Wallboxes. Volkswagen intends to send out a signal and is becoming involved in the development of charging infrastructure at all levels,”

VW says they’ve noted EV charging patterns, and says its estimates predict that  home charging will constitute approximately 70% of all charging, a market they intend serving through Elli, the marque’s energy and charging subsidiary.

They plan to deploy charging stations for work too, beginning with their own locations. According to Volkswagen, the company “will be installing about 4,000 charging points for employees; many of these will be accessible to the public.”

The company has had a very interesting time of late, committing $1.12 billion to set up a battery production plant in its native Germany, and also beating the EV lap record at the country’s notorious Nubergring circuit by over 40 seconds.