Sweden’s energy transition to receive 900,000 smart meter boost


Electricity distribution company Ellevio has announced two separate procurements for the purchase and installation of over 900,000 smart electricity meters with associated IT-solutions and services.

The new meter solutions will become an important link in the smart grid of the future.

The first new smart meters will be installed at Ellevio’s customer sites in a pilot project during 2020, with the entire meter population is expected to be exchanged by the end of 2023.

The change of meters is part of the work on future proofing the grid conducted by Ellevio, which contributes to the energy transition in the Swedish society.

When the proportion of weather-dependent electricity production from the sun and wind increases and the electrification of society accelerates, it will place increased demands on the grid. Therefore, Ellevio is investing to meet the development.

“With the new procurements, we are taking a necessary step towards the electricity system we will need to have in the future. The new meters will give customers the opportunity to access detailed information about their electricity use in real time and thus gain a better understanding of how they can use their energy more efficiently.

“We see our customers as one of the most important players for succeeding in the energy transition, and we want to provide our customers with support and tools during that process,” says Johan Lindehag, CEO of Ellevio.

“When new services are connected, customers can automatically react to the price signals from the market, and quickly direct their use to when it is most favorable for them,” says Johan Lindehag.

“The smart grid of the future communicates with different parts of the energy system, captures and analyses data and enables a more proactive approach to the operation, monitoring and maintenance of the grid. This means fewer and shorter power outages for the customers”.

“The increased amount of data that we will get access to from the new smart meters will give us much better opportunities to act on the information and thereby manage the grid in a smarter way.

“The systems provide us with early signals of where an error is about to occur, allowing us to proactively act on the potential problem even before it has occurred. Our ambition is to take full advantage of the opportunities that this new technology gives us,” explains Johan Lindehag.

The procurements are the result of extensive market analysis performed within Ellevio, with the aim of creating an attractive tender for both the market and Ellevio. They also lay the foundation for securing control of strategically important assets and information, and Ellevio’s future development as a distribution system operator.

“We have chosen to separate the procurement into two parts. The smart meters with associated solutions and services forms one part. The second part covers the implementation of the system that process and refine the information from the meters.

“We are convinced that it is the right way to go and hope there will be considerable interest from the market. The construction of smart grids is a natural part of our work on developing and improving the Swedish electricity infrastructure,” says Johan Svensson, program manager at Ellevio.

The plan is to sign contracts during the first quarter of 2019, with the first meters to be installed at customer sites during the first half of 2020.