Ed’s note: IEA confirms renewables surge, but what about the grid?

According to the IEA's Renewable Energy Market Update 2021, solar and wind are becoming the “new normal”. What does this mean for the grid?
energy efficiency

Energy efficiency key to EU’s integrated energy system

An integrated energy system is crucial to Europe achieving its 2050 climate neutrality target, however, energy efficiency needs to form the basis of the transition towards the integrated and renewable-energy-based energy system.
eib france

EIB unveils €1 billion vehicle to drive energy transition in France

EIB and Caisse des Dépôts to established a new €1 billion investment vehicle aimed at accelerating the energy transition in France.

Hyperloop technology – potentially significant impacts on the grid

A study from the US Department of Energy models the impact of hyperloop technology on the electricity grid.

Smart meter data condition monitors Texas A/Cs

Texas headquartered electricity retailer Vistra is using smart meter data to identify poorly operating air conditioner units.

Renault signs 3-year carbon emissions reduction contract with Iberdrola

Automaker Renault has selected Spanish utility Iberdrola for the provision of services that will help the company to reduce carbon emissions in Spain and Portugal.
energy sector decarbonisation

Fresh opportunities to decarbonise energy sector post COVID-19

More than ever, consumers are now aware of the environment and are focused on sustainability.

Smart sector integration – from concept to model

The European Smart Networks for Energy Transition platform has set out proposals for smart sector integration.
wind turbine

The countries leading the energy transition

The Scandinavian region is leading the energy transition with the three countries Sweden, Norway and Denmark in the top three spots.
National Grid

Green light for National Grid customers to increase smart energy choices

UK utility National Grid has introduced a new energy-efficient light bulb 'the Green Light Signal' as part of efforts to address climate change in partnership with its customers.

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