Energy Efficiency

Seaside: Optimal technological solutions for energy efficiency

Seaside is the Energy Service Company (ESCOs) of the Italgas Group providing consulting services and technology and financing solutions in the energy efficiency sector.


Iberdrola to lead Italian railways green hydrogen conversion

Green hydrogen is set to replace diesel on the 300km central Italian Appenine railway and potentially others.

DNV: Energy efficiency and hydrogen – biggest opportunities to combat climate change

In its latest Energy Transition Outlook, DNV reports the most likely outlook is global warming exceeding 2oC by 2100.

Greening Singapore

Singapore’s ‘Energy reset’ will use cleaner energy and increased energy efficiency to lower its carbon footprint.

Solar PV has potential to power indoor smart devices

New research has shown that commonly available solar PV technology used indoors can power building IoT devices.

Europe’s energy saving potential

Europe has the potential to save up to almost 23% of energy use by 2030, new European Commission analysis has found.

Moon power – next-gen technologies to meet the energy challenge

Future human exploration of the Moon and deep space beyond will require novel power generation and storage technologies.