Seaside: Optimal technological solutions for energy efficiency


Seaside is the Energy Service Company (ESCOs) of the Italgas Group providing consulting services and technology and financing solutions in the energy efficiency sector. It is one of the main Italian players in the energy efficiency market, operating with the best technological solutions for energy efficiency and saving in the public, private and residential sectors.

ESCOs offer energy services to design and implement energy efficiency projects, identifying energy-saving opportunities.

Seaside offers tailored solutions for private and corporate clients:

Savemixer: Predictive Energy Analytics Software

The integrated Energy Intelligence system that predicts, manages and optimises your company’s consumption

  1. A dedicated team: Consultancy is Savemixer’s flagship service. Our Energy Managers will support you during all service activities until you become self-reliant.
  2. All-round optimisation: Thanks to Savemixer, you can achieve energy savings even without replacing the systems, simply by carrying out management and behavioural interventions on existing devices.
  3. 100% customisable: Whatever your company’s energy needs, Savemixer has the solution: highly flexible, it adapts perfectly to your business model.
  4. Innovative energy saving: Energy saving is just one of the benefits that Savemixer will bring to your business.

Savegas: Make your house sustainable at Zero Cost

  1. Zero cost forever: Management and implementation of interventions without any outlay.
  2. Increased value: Reducing energy waste means improving energy performance and market value by up to 20%.
  3. Comfort: High energy efficiency makes your home more comfortable and the environment benefits!
  4. 110% superbonus: With the “Decreto Rilancio” (Italian decree aimed at re-launching the economy), the deductions for Sismabonus and Ecobonus have been increased to 110%!
  5. We take care of everything: You can only refer to Seaside for the work to upgrade your property: from carrying out the work itself to handling the paperwork!
  6. Environment: The type of interventions proposed allow significant reductions in polluting emissions, such as CO2, SO2, and particulate matter.

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