The role of energy efficiency in resilient COVID-19 packages

The International Energy Agency (IEA) chaired a meeting with the Global Commission for Urgent Action on Energy Efficiency to discuss the role of energy efficiency in improving the effectiveness of packages being set to address the Coronavirus crisis.

Dr Fatih Birol, the executive director of IEA, said: “Experience has proven the effectiveness of including energy efficiency in stimulus programmes.

“Targeted investments now can create jobs immediately and also bring long-term benefits for consumers, businesses and the environment.”

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Including energy conservation in COVID-19 packages can help create jobs, lower consumer energy bills, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure long-term improvements in energy systems.

The Global Commission will publish its recommendations in the coming months to advise governments on how they can act quickly to accelerate energy management progress.

The IEA will also publish a special World Energy Outlook report in June on how to reduce emissions while bolstering the economy.

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