Utilities triple energy savings goal for New York businesses


Two US utilities have extended their contract with Willdan with the aim to triple energy savings for small businesses in New York.

Central Hudson & Electric Corporation (Central Hudson) and National Grid have extended their contract with Willdan for the implementation of the New York Small Business Services Programmes.

Willdan will continue implementing two long-standing energy efficiency programmes targeting small businesses in Upstate New York.

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The projects are expected to provide more than 150,000MWh in combined energy savings to New York small businesses.

Up to 53,250MWh in energy savings is expected to be delivered for Central Hudson’s small business customers over a period of three years since January 2020. The milestone doubles Willdan’s prior contract, and will serve an estimated 2,000 small businesses.

The programme has included targeted demand management services since 2018, a development that has helped to deliver more than 2,500KW of peak load reduction.

For National Grid, the project is expected to result in annual savings of 34,000MWh.

The contract represents an increase in value over prior years, tripling the savings goal, as well as nearly tripling the customers and territory Willdan will serve.