Energy & Grid Management

News and analysis concerning the demand of energy & grid management supply on the electricity grid. Grid modernisation and smart grid upgrades, as well as distributed energy resources and storage form part of this category. Trends in own generation, net metering, influence of prosumers and energy management tools at the grid edge also influence grid management. Furthermore, strategies to boost grid resilience, for example in the case of a typhoon or cyber attack, strategies to ensure the security of supply, energy efficiency measure, smart buildings and load balancing fall within the energy and grid management category.

AI applications

Power sector seeks to reap benefits and tackle risks from AI...

AI applications are transforming business operations and processes in the power sector as well as the broader economy, leading to greater cost savings, increased efficiency and new services for consumers.

Transactive energy concept to be expanded in US

The transactive energy concept is to be further explored in two new projects in the US led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL).
carbon emissions china

New concept to help Chinese cities achieve carbon peaking and neutrality...

RMI provides recommendations on how cities in China can achieve carbon emissions reduction goals set by the government.

Up to 17GW of renewables eligible for Contracts for Difference AR4

Cornwall Insight’s Renewables Pipeline Tracker service has examined the potential capacity that could enter the Contract for Difference Allocation Round 4
The power and industry in pursuit of carbon neutrality

Podcast episode #8: In pursuit of carbon neutrality

In this episode, we delve into the details of Capgemini's latest World Energy Markets Observatory (WEMO), and discuss the challenges and opportunities the energy market is facing.

New blockchain use cases coming for the energy sector

New blockchain use cases are under development for Energy Web’s Decentralised Operating System (EW-DOS) and the EW Chain.

‘Smart sector integration’ – a new concept for the energy sector

Smart sector integration is key to full decarbonisation across the economy with new technologies and infrastructure.

Fiat Chrysler inks electric vehicle partnerships with Kaluza and Engie

Fiat Chrysler is muscling into the growing electric vehicle (EV) market with charging and other emobility solutions.

Decentralised or centralised renewables – options for Europe’s energy system

Decentralised or centralised renewables are the two scenarios proposed for the ongoing evolution of Europe’s network development plan.

Satellite imagery used for electricity consumption forecasting in Africa for the...

The new service from e-GUIDE, a collaboration between The Rockefeller Foundation and four leading universities, helps utilities and system planners improve the...

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