2007 IPMVP published



EVO is pleased to announce that a revised and updated International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) Volume I on Concepts and Options for Determining Energy and Water Savings was published in April 2007. EVO subscribers had access to the new IPMVP as soon as it was available – and 6 months before non-subscribers.

IPMVP Volume I defines common terminology and good practice in determining and reporting the effectiveness of energy or water efficiency projects implemented in existing or new buildings or industrial is expected to be an area of continued development as more specific applications are defined. EVO is also currently developing an International Energy Efficiency Financing Protocol (IEEFP) which provides guidelines for local financing institutions (LFI) around the world to evaluate and finance energy efficiency and savingsbased renewable projects.

New EVO Board Member

EVO welcomes its new Board member, John Cowan. Cowan is President of Environmental Interface Limited, a specialist energy and environmental management consulting firm in Toronto, Canada. Cowan specialises in the verification of energy saving claims. He has acted as expert witness in the field and has been active on committees writing the ASHRAE and IPMVP guidelines on savings determination.

He teaches a course on M&V and serves on the joint EVO/AEE CMVP certification board. He was Chair or Co-Chair of EVO’s facilities. The 2007 edition makes numerous changes to the 2002 edition, adding “Principles of M&V,” defining several versions of the basic savings equation, and re-writing examples and uncertainty text. Other IPMVP Volumes include Volume II on indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issues and Volume III on applications for new construction and renewables.

Volume II reviews IEQ issues as they may be influenced by an energy efficiency project. Volume III contains specific application guidance manuals for Volume I. The two current applications manuals address new building construction and renewable energy additions to existing facilities. This volume Technical Committee from 1999 to 2007, acting twice as technical editor for new editions of IPMVP Volume I. Cowan is a registered professional engineer in Ontario with an MBA.

Training Commitee – Call for Members

EVO’s Training Committee is looking for members as it sees increased interest in education on the IPMVP and M&V, more generally. As part of its mission, EVO seeks to raise the professional standards in M&V, and to improve the practice of those engaged in measurement and verification. The Training Committee meets by teleconference. If you wish to join or would like additional information, please contact us at editor@evo-world.com, using subject line “Training Committee”.

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