2018 leaderboard report for EV charging services released


Navigant Research has issued a new leaderboard report examining the public charging networks and electric vehicle charging services market.

The report explores the strategies and offerings of some 15 EV charging solutions firms.

The report has identified EVBox and ChargePoint as leading providers of public charging networks and EV charging services.

Scott Shepard, a senior analyst with Navigant Research, said the two solutions providers “… are Leaders in this assessment due to their current strength and presence in the market, breadth of products, and adaptability to the changing dynamics of the charging market.

“There are several highly competitive Contenders that could move to a Leader position if they continue to grow their offerings to keep pace with the significant product development and global marketing investment expected during the coming years.”

Key report findings include:

  1. Increases in sales of plug-in EVs driving a rapid rollout of charging infrastructure
  2. Growth of the plug-in EVs market highlighting the opportunities of integrating stations into grid operations
  3. The plug-in EVs and public charging network services market is expected to record a 680% growth over the next decade
  4. Competition is intensifying among market players
  5. The vendor landscape for charging networks and services remains largely fragmented, with many companies overlapping territories while striving to become the leading operator in a region
  6. Charging companies are also partnering with utilities to explore the nascent market for using charging equipment in grid services.

Visit, Navigant Research Leaderboard: EV Charging Network Companies, for more information about the report.