‘2019 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard’ released


The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has released its 2019 State Energy Efficiency Scorecard.

The US continues to register an increasing number of states adopting ambitious energy efficiency goals for buildings, appliances and vehicles, according to the study.

Read more report from ACEEE here

The scorecard is ACEEE’s 13th edition and has found that:

  • Massachusetts and California are the most improved states. Massachusetts ranks the first for the ninth year in a row, introduced a new three-year efficiency plan to reduce emissions 80% by 2050
  • Kentucky has lowered in the energy efficiency ranking whilst North Dakota and Wyoming are lagging behind
  • Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, New York, and Maine passed 100% clean energy goals, along with plans to increase efficiency investment
  • Four states including Washington, Colorado, Hawaii and Nevada adopted new appliance laws which require products to meet minimum energy efficiency standards. An additional six states and Washington, DC, filed similar bills
  • States continue to update and strengthen building energy codes and performance standards
  • Thirteen states plus the District of Columbia have adopted California’s leading and strict vehicle emissions standards

Steve Nadel, executive director at ACEEE, said: “State leadership on energy efficiency is more important than ever for ushering in the low-carbon future we need.

 “If states embrace robust energy-saving measures nationwide, Americans can slash greenhouse gas emissions by 50% and deliver more than $700 billion in energy savings by 2050. We commend the top states for their clean energy leadership and urge states that are lagging to implement the strategies laid out in this report so they can deliver energy and cost savings for their residents.”

The report is available for download here…